Viaman Delay Wipes

6 | Discreet Control Formula

Wipe away your bedroom anxieties. Forget about bottles of spray or gel, Viaman Delay Wipes is one of the most convenient and discreet method of ejaculation control around. Each individually wrapped wipe is laced with a precise amount of delay formula, giving you enough for one use and then can be thrown away after use.

Your partner does not have to know you are using Viaman Delay Wipes and it can help you regain lost confidence in the bedroom.

Delay Wipes

6 Wipes | Discreet Control Formula

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The exclusive combination of ingredients selected is the real secret of Viaman™ Delay Wipes. Mint Extract and St John Wort are both well known for their natural beneficial properties that help you to manage to control for longer.

Oat Extract and Glycerine help you in keeping the intimate area moisturised & lubricated to prevent irritations and unpleasant side effects for both you and your partner. This odourless wipe will help you to achieve a discreet solution to enjoy & prolong your intimate moments without fears of side effects.

These easy to use wipes come in individual sachets making them easy to slip into any pocket so you can take them anywhere, anytime with total discretion. The wipe is easily disposable after use and you can just throw it in the bin.

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