Viaman Delay Spray

40ml | Discreet Control Formula

Do you wish you could last longer and not have to worry about an early finish? From the award winning Viaman male enhancement range, comes Viaman Delay Spray; developed to help give you the strength, power and control you have been looking for. It features a natural formulation, free from harsh chemical ingredients.

This pocket-sized spray can be used shorty before sex and is known to start sinking into the skin immediately after application, making it both convenient and discreet.

Delay Spray

40ml Spray | Discreet Control Formula

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The exact amounts of ingredients is the real reason why Viaman™ Spray is a award winning brand. The numbing and firming effect of mint extract can provide help by getting a better control of your performance.

The other secret of Viaman™ Spray is that it's developed with safe ingredients. Oat Extract and Glycerine help you in keeping the intimate area moisturised & lubricated to prevent irritations and unpleasant side effects.

The spray comes in pocket-size to ensure your discretion and you can take it with you anywhere, anytime. Viaman™ has produced this small pocket rocket delay spray to ensure you aren't lost on any occasion but discretion is still kept.

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