Employee Values

Ever since we started back in 2005, we have maintained a very simple policy in respect to the type of people we recruit; intelligence, an amazing attitude and a thoroughbred work ethic . Academic qualifications whilst important are not the be all and end all. Our experience has shown that it's more important to see what somebody is about to do rather than what they feel that they have achieved in university or college.


We value our people and act with integrity in everything we do. We love having fun and celebrating individual and team success.


We are hungry for success and ambitiously push forward with a mindset for growth individually and together as a team.


We act with initiative and take ownership to see things through. If we have an idea, our people act with passion and drive it through to a finish.


We are passionate about continuous improvement, not afraid to ask tough questions and hold ourselves and each other to account.


Our people demonstrate a positive and resilient attitude that is infectious in everything that they do and is always aiming to be better.


Our people are not afraid to identify problems and do whatever it takes to solve them. Just because something has always been done a certain way.