Pure Fenugreek

610mg 90 | Vegan Friendly Superfood Supplement

Did you know that as well as being used as cooking herb for literally hundreds of years; Fenugreek has been a popular ingredient in alternative medicine. It is held that it can promote a good digestion, but the problem is you would need to eat a lot to benefit from it. Our Pure Fenugreek supplement is not only an easy option, but it is hard to beat in terms of its quality and purity.

Each vegan friendly capsule has been shown to be loaded with both vitamins and minerals, which can impact the health of the digestive system

Fenugreek Capsules

610mg 90 Capsules | Natural Superfood Supplement

How To Take Pure Fenugreek

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To take your Pure Fenugreek supplements it is recommended to take 1 to 3 capsules daily 30 minutes before a main meal.

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Do not exceed recommended amount unless directed by a doctor. Each Pure Fenugreek capsule provides 610mg of natural fenugreek extract.

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