TeaTox Body Scrub for Acne

200g | Exfoliator with Tea Tree & Green Tea

A unique body scrub that is made with tea, designed to fight acne by working to cleanse and exfoliate skin. Herbal teas are already taking over the health and wellbeing market. We have taken some of the most powerful and effective ingredients from these slimming teas and engineered a body scrub. Örtte Teatox Acne Body Scrub can help transform the appearance of acne and work to bring out skin’s natural beauty.

Using tea, sea salt, aloe vera and almond oil, among other powerful natural ingredients to impact on the amount of sebum the skin produces. This can help to shrink the look of pores, for a clearer complexion.

Ortte Tea Body Scrub for Acne

200g | Clean Me Up!

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How to use the Örtte Teatox Acne Body Scrub

Start by washing your body thoroughly with water before use.

Take a small handful of the scrub and scrub in a circular motion.

Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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