Örtte Skinny Tea - 28 Days

28 Day Morning & Evening Tea

Imagine being able start losing weight in just one month. Örtte Skinny Tea is a powerful and effective 28 day programme that has been designed to help assist healthy weight loss, by working to enhance the body’s natural fat burning ability. It features a completely unique formulation, with natural ingredients that are known to boost digestive health, enhance energy levels and maintain the immune system.

Each package contains two pouches; one of morning tea and one of evening tea, each with their own blend of herbals and plant extracts, to help you get the most out the programme.

Örtte Skinny Tea - 28 Days

28 Day Skinny Morning & Evening Tea

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Benefits of Örtte Skinny Tea

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Cleanses the body of toxins and waste products for increased metabolism and energy levels.

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Adds numerous nutrients that strengthen your health and immune system.

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Decreases appetite and the sweet tooth , so you avoid overeating and snacking.

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