Natural Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

Did you know that coffee is as good helping to perk up your skin, as it is your mood? Örtte is packed with a one of a kind blend of natural ingredients, including pure ground Arabica coffee beans to help give your skin a bold caffeine hit, rock salt that works as an excellent exfoliator and four different organic oils to aid moisture and hydration.

Just a handful of this powerful scrub, a couple of times a week could be all you need to help keep your complexion soft, smooth and healthy looking. All you need to is apply this deep cleansing to wet skin and rub into skin in small circles. After 10 minutes, it’s ready to be washed off and the beautiful skin you desire can then be revealed.

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How to use

Simply take a handful of this deep cleansing scrub and apply to wet skin. Gently rub into the skin using a circulator motion. For maximum effect we recommend leaving the scrub on the body for around 7-10 minutes to allow the ingredients to be absorbed and get to work properly. Then simply rinse off the scrub and apply a moisturiser when the skin is dry. After using your coffee scrub remember to seal the bag tightly to keep it fresh. Use your coffee scrub 2-3 times a week to help you achieve the fabulously beautiful skin you desire.

Take a handful of Örtte Body Scrub
Rub into body with circular motion
Leave to absorb for 7-10 minutes
Wash off for beautiful skin
Use 2-3 times a week

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