Fat Binder

1000mg | Natural Fat Blocker Supplement

Gram for gram, MaxMedix Fat Binder is almost four times as effective as the product of its type. Whereas, most other supplements can bind 15g of fat, clinical trials have found that just 1g this product can absorb up to 60g! This is thanks to the main active ingredient, Lipomylâ„¢ Chitosan, which can only be found in MaxMedix Fat Binder.

This CE Certified Medical Device has been proven to be more effective than dieting alone and should be your go to tool for helping getting your weight under control.

Fat Binder Capsules

1000mg Capsules | Natural Fat Blocker For Weight Loss

What is a fat binder and how do they work?

Fat binders, also known as fat blockers, help to reduce the absorption of dietary fat and overall calorie intake. It gets to work by binding to the fat we eat to form a large cluster. This cluster is then too large to be absorbed so is instead left undigested and excreted naturally.

1Take the Fat Binder

Fat Binder Step 1

2x Fat Binder capsules are taken 15 minutes before a meal

2 Dietary Fat Released

Fat Binder Step 2

Dietary fat is released from the food we eat and enters the stomach

3Large Fat Fibre Complex Forms

Fat Binder Step 3

The Fat Binder binds to the fat forming a large fat fibre complex

4Fat Soluble Vitamins Released

Fat Binder Step 4

The Fat Binder does not absorb the beneficial fat soluable vitamins

5 Passes through the system undigested

Fat Binder Step 5

The large fat fibre complex is too large to be absorbed by the intestine

6Fat Complex Excreted

Fat Binder Step 6

The fat complex is excreted and leaves the body naturally and safely

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