Hair Straightener

by Eco Masters

Hair straightening is a fundamental part of the beauty routines for a lot of ladies, but it is well known that traditional devices, which make use of heated plates, can damage the strength of the hair. Eco Masters Hair Straightener Brush has been designed with patent high temperature resist nylon bristles, which effortlessly straightens hair from root to end, while working to limit damage the hair.

It heats up and is ready to use within 30 seconds, making for quick and easy use.

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Before using the Eco Masters hair straightener brush, ensure the hair is dry and combed through thoroughly

Switch on the Eco Masters Hair Straightener Brush by pressing on the ‘power switch’ for 3 seconds.

You can then select the desired temperature for your hair. Whilst the Eco Masters hair straightener brush is heating up, section your hair

Placing the device close to the root of the hair, hold firmly and slowly glide down the entire length of the hair

Repeat the process if necessary or move to other sections of hair. It is advised that you allow the hair to cool down before using other styling products.

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