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Are you one of the 75 million people affected by pattern hair loss, looking for a way to reclaim strong, thick and healthy hair again? Hair-Plus is the only supplement of its kind, made with clinically trialled natural ingredients, which have been found to significantly reduce hair loss and visibly improve hair density.

This is thanks to AnaGain™ Nu; this active ingredient is derived from organic pea shoots, yet studies have shown that it supports the upregulation of essential proteins and growth factors. These contribute to the creation and growth of new hairs, for a fuller and vibrant head of hair.

Hair-Plus Capsules

60 Capsules | Clinically Proven Hair Loss Supplement

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Bioassay Study Results

Gene expression analysis was conducted on plucked hair bulbs following a two week treatment with 2% AnaGain™Nu. The study results showed an up-regulation of Noggin by 56% and FGF-7 by 85%. These results demonstrate that AnaGain™ Nu is able to stimulate the dermal papilla to induce the growth of a new hair.

Bioassay Study Results

Clinical Study Results

How does Hair-Plus work?

The supplement Hair-Plus has been designed with a technology based on DNA microarrays. Hair-Plus stimulates specific signal molecules found in the dermal papilla. These same molecules are essential for the reactivation of the hair regrowth in the failing hair follicles. To do this, 2 ingredients play a major role:

  • NOG: a protein that helps to lengthen the growth phase of the hair (anagen) to the detriment of its phase of fall (telogen). NOG is a protein known in the development of the tissues of our body (muscles, bones, hair).
  • FGF7: a type 7 fibroblast growth factor, stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes and endothelial cells.

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