Glucomannan With B6

3000mg 60 | Dietary Fibre Supplement

Do you always feel hungry and therefore ruin diets with snacking? Glucomannan is widely considered to be a dietary fibre, known to be water soluble and expand when it comes into contact with fluids. This means that when it reaches your gut, it can swell up, which can help lead to feelings of fullness. Glucomannan Plus has been boosted with chromium and vitamin B6.

With 3000mg per serving, this is one of the strongest and purest products of its kind available on the market today. It has also been made in the UK, so you can be confident of its quality.

Glucomannan with Chromium and B6 Capsules

3000mg 60 Capsules | Konjac Appetite Suppressant Aid

What can Glucomannan with Chromium and B6 do for me?

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Maintains optimum blood sugar levels

Increases Metabolism

Helps to increase metabolism

Reduces Cravings

Reduces unwanted cravings

High Strength

Highest strength on the market, 3000mg daily

Increases Fat Burning

Increases fat burning

Maintains Cholesterol Levels

Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels

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