Chamomile Day Face Cream

100g | Gentle Face Cream with Chamomile Extract

When it comes to day creams, you are often spoilt for choice, with a lot of different products made to target different skin concerns. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier just to have one all purpose product that you can rely on? For those that don’t to complicate matters, Eco Masters Chamomile Gentle Face Cream is ideal for helping to look after delicate facial skin and working to keep it looking fresh,

The key ingredient is chamomile, which is well known for its powerful properties, while being very kind and gentle to skin at the same time. Just by using a small amount of this cream, twice a day, you can take advantage of the benefits this plant has to offer...

Chamomile Day Face Cream

100g Cream | by Eco Masters

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The Benefits:

Camomile is composed of several ingredients in itself. Each of those components have some mind-blowing properties that will urge you to implement chamomile into your skincare regime:

Bisabolol: Bisabobol is excellent for acne-prone skin or skin that suffers from sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Apigenin: It can help prevent the formation of cancerous cells and is even said to decrease DNA Oxidative damage. This is, clearly, an essential to your beauty routine.

Chamazulene:It increases the Chamomile's cleaning and cleansing properties and works hand in hand with the Bisabolol.

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