Eco Masters Fango Body Wrap Kit (500g Clay Powder + 2 Bandages)

Detox & Cleanse Body Wrap

One of the most interesting properties about natural Fango is its high mineral content. As a volcanic clay, Fango is rich in sulphur and electrolytes, which can hold a whole host of benefits for the skin and body, gaining it a good reputation as a healing tool. Use Eco Masters Fango Clay Body Wrap to help detoxify skin, encourage deep exfoliation of pores, work to relax muscles, enhance weight loss, boost skin tightness many other unique advantages.

It provides a unique pampering experience at home, which can not only be beneficial to the look and feel of your skin, but as well as this, helping to you to relax.

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Safe To Use

The Eco Masters Fango Clay Wrap is made using the finest natural ingredients specially picked by our beauty specialist. As the ingredients are 100% natural, there are no known side effects. However we recommend checking that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

The results using the The Eco Masters Fango Clay Wrap can vary from person to person. Check out some of our before and after images from customers who have experienced the benefits.

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