Interested in the pet wellbeing market? Animigo is a top brand for high-quality health and wellbeing products for cats and dogs. The extensive range includes supplements, powders, shampoos and everything in-between. The products are easy to use and feature a range of popular natural ingredients precisely combined to make them top-notch. This makes the Animigo affiliate program the perfect pet affiliate program for those working within this field.

For affiliates who are not familiar with the pet care market, it is one of the biggest growing markets right now. The European pet care market is currently estimated to be worth a staggering €8.5 billion and expected to keep climbing. In 2016 there were 86.7 million pet dogs in Europe so it’s no surprise how massive the market is becoming. What’s more, with recent health trends, pet wellbeing has never been so popular and more and more people are choosing to buy supplements and healthcare products for their beloved pets.

While Animigo is based in the UK, it also operates dedicated websites in a number of countries including Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Italy to name a few. If you currently have traffic within the pet care niche this is one offer that you need to check out!


Up to 25% commission

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"Animigo's website is quite clean and helps to get the conversions in a competitive niche such as pet care."~ Alastair - Animigo Affiliate

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Top 10 Conversion Rate 3.90%
Offer average 1.98%
Top 10 Average Order Value £53.89
Offer average £42.16
Top 10 Average Commission Value £10.76
Offer average £8.43
Top 10 Earnings Per Click £0.65
Offer average £0.17

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